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Vicuña fabric is a very special and rare type of fabric. The vicuña is a camel-like animal that lives in Peru and the Andes. Vicuña fabric is obtained from the soft and fine wool of this animal. Vicuña wool is incredibly light and warm. It is considered by many to be “the softest and most luxurious wool in the world”.

Vicuña wool is extremely rare and a Vicuña animal only gives an average of 200 grams of wool per year. This explains the difficulty and rarity of obtaining Vicuña wool. Therefore, Vicuña fabric is quite expensive and valuable

Vicuña fabric is often used for high-end products such as luxury outerwear and underwear. Thanks to the warmth, lightness and softness of this fabric, it provides excellent protection when worn in cold climates and at the same time offers a very comfortable use. Vicuña fabric is a rare and valuable fabric that is used only by luxury brands and is therefore only used on products in the higher price range.